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How to care for children during the coronavirus epidemic?


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In previous articles, we have talked about how pregnant women prevent COVID-19. In today's content, we will share with you how to care for children during the epidemic, and how to keep children unbored at home.

Most provincial governments have closed their public school systems due to the pandemic, either indefinitely or by extending their spring breaks by two to three weeks. Many publicly run daycares have also been closed. There are voices in Quora like "Is it the right decision to keep the kids away from school?", "How to protect kids when going out during the epidemic?", "What should I do to take care of my kids when they are at home all day long?" and ", etc. Many answers followed up under each question. Here I would like to share with you some of my opinions on taking care of kids at home under this difficult situation.

When it comes to going out...

Of course, don't go out if possible, this is the best way to protect your children! But if have to, try walking for nearby destinations. For longer distances, please avoid taking public vehicles such as buses, subway, etc. A private car will be the best choice (or taxi at least). Parents shall always keep in mind to make everyone wear masks, use hand sanitizer or other disinfectant products to clean hands. Remind your children not to touch the outside surface of masks, and try to not touch other things outside so as to avoid the virus transferring to the hands. For example to challenge them to push elevator buttons without their hands. Most importantly, tell your children do not to suck their fingers, rub their eyes and nose before doing any disinfection. Once they get home, ask them to wash hands right away and change outwears.

When it comes to eating...

Before feeding your children, make sure the food is thoroughly cooked, especially for meat and eggs. Wash your hands before handling food to your children, and better use different cutting boards and kitchen tools for raw and cooked food. Besides, make sure to keep your children from eating food that has been tasted by others and not to cool your children's food by blowing. You can feed them with regular meat like duck or fish but please also make sure they are fully cooked. There is no evidence showing that the coronavirus can be transmitted via this food. Be careful when buying food, check their sources for security, and do not let your children touch the poultry and birds with protection.

When it comes to entertaining...

Children usually do things such as pick their nose, put their hands in their mouths and touch their face when they’re bored to look for comfort. It's not a good idea to let them feel free to do these during this epidemic. Many ways can be an alternative way to keep their hands busy when these moments arise. You can talk to your children about the importance of good hygiene and explain to young children that hand-washing is like putting on armor to protect them from coronavirus.

Hours of screen time can make children cranky and less co-operative, therefore, as long as you don’t mind a little mess, you can have them build forts with cushions and blankets, allowing them to play dress-up with your wardrobe, having dance parties, or filling up a sink with sudsy water and letting them wash their toys. When it comes to physical exercises, yoga, dancing, sit-ups, and push-ups, or simply climbing up and down the stairs will be suggested. But of course, all these above suggested being done after your children finish the online assignments from their teachers.





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