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An Explanation of the BSN Supporting Public Blockchain Nodes

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3 months ago

Source: 区块链服务网络BSN

Translated by Unitimes_Jhonny

On February 5, 2020, the Blockchain-based Service Network Development Association (BSNDA) updated the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) Introductory White Paper. In addition to the addition of a multi-portal strategy, the Blockchain-based Service Network (hereinafter referred to as the “the Service Network” or “BSN”) has also added its support of public blockchain nodes such as Ethereum and EOS.

The core concept of BSN has always been to establish a blockchain-based public infrastructure environment and to provide one-stop blockchain deployment and operation services integrating cloud resources, network bandwidth, underlying framework, operating environment, key management, development SDK and gateway API. With the BSN platform, any website can easily build its own BaaS (Blockchain as a Service). Through this multi-portal strategy, BSN can widely provide Blockchain-based operating environment services for developers around the world. Therefore, BSN, as a global blockchain infrastructure, should also adapt and support the public blockchain technologies. It is expected that by the end of July 2020, BSN will support the one-click deployment of EOS light nodes in overseas portals and overseas city nodes, then will gradually support public blockchain nodes such as Ethereum.

Just like the way cloud service providers provide public cloud services to the website, as long as the website is reasonably and legally operated locally, the specific contents the website operates have nothing to do with its cloud service provider. This is elaborated in details in the whitepaper: “while the Service Network supports public blockchains and consortium blockchains at the same time, each portal needs to comply with each country's laws and regulations and policy in the screening and management of the underlying framework, the physical location of public city nodes and the applications to be launched. For example: the portals and public city nodes of the Service Network located in China are not allowed to deploy and run public blockchain nodes.”

The Service Network (BSN) is a global blockchain infrastructure jointly developed and built by a number of Chinese enterprises under the leadership of the State Information Center. Under this background, we should adopt the attitude of being open-minded and tolerant to diversity so as to carry out research and support on technologies regardless of national boundaries. Only in this way can BSN be built into a great infrastructure, and truly make a global contribution to the improvement of human productivity and social progress like the Internet.


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